craigWarm, Hilarious, Full of Life, Bright Light, Compassionate, Empowerer of Young People, Connectivity, Belonging, Tye Dye, Puns, Smile, Laughing, Broken Heart, Love, Rest in Peace.

These are just a few of the words and phrases that have poured forth in the past few days from the many people whose lives were profoundly touched by our friend Craig Block. Craig was a youth advisor of epic proportion, quick to welcome and never one to judge.  He brought his true and unique self to every interaction, always making sure you knew that he cared and had time for you. He was loved by many and gave that love back ten fold.

Craig had a reputation for being a rock in the de Benneville camp community. Before his illness, he served as an adult advisor for 26 Sr. High Camps in a row (with one exception due to a car accident), making more new friends than some might meet in a lifetime. Even the Jr. High kids heard tell of him and looked forward to the day they could attend Sr. High Camp so they might finally spend time with the one and only Craig Block and experience his famous “Sex with Craig” workshop (he was a trained and passionate OWL instructor).

We will always remember Craig as someone who put the lives and futures of young people before his own, and inspired others to do the same.  He lived his values unashamedly, with style and flair, and dedicated his life to helping others find the strength to live theirs.

Thank you Craig.  We love you.  Then, now, and forever,

Geoff Anderla and Eric Rosloff

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