new-staff-pwrIt is with great pleasure that we announce the new Pacific Western Regional staff members. 

Eric Bliss, Jan Christian, and Jonipher Kūponon Kwong bring us years of experience as Unitarian Universalist religious professionals working in congregations and with programs and projects at the district, regional and national level.  We will benefit from their extensive relationship in PWR and their awareness of our Regional Collaboration commitment.  We are confident that our congregations, elected leaders and staff will appreciate their new perspectives, good questions and the opportunity to see our work through new eyes.

In July, all three staff will be in place getting acquainted with congregations and leaders across the region. Happily, we will be able to introduce Eric, Jan and Jonipher along with the continuing PWR staff at General Assembly during our PWR Regional Ingathering on Wednesday, June 24 at 5:45.  

Many fine and qualified Unitarian Universalists applied for these three positions.  We were blessed with abundance and with many difficult decisions.  The leaders and staff of PWR look forward to new and continuing partnerships with everyone who indicated their interest in the well being of our religious tradition in the west.  

We invite you to learn a little about our new staff members by visiting the PWRUUA website staff page.